Sunday, 6 September 2015

My Unconditional One

My unconditional love is like in my mind
My unconditional love is like in my heart, my bloody heart
In my deepest heart you are my one and only,
The one that hurt me a lot, the one that make me shine too
My one and only is far away from me, but always in my head.
You may happy without me..
You may happy with your own world
But there's a weak girl that love you more than the moon love the sun
The girl that waiting for you to come back
She just want to feel your love again
She miss the old you, the old of us.


  1. Wish all the best for the "unconditional love"
    A nice poem; thanks Angel :-)

  2. What a beautiful poem angel! Maybe your "unconditional one" is misses you a lot too. Don't forget to contact him as much as you can.

  3. i know that feeling bro~ ;')
    that's call "nyesek"
    .. i hope your "unconditional one" quickly realize about your real feeling
    this is a good poem.

  4. hope the best for you both..
    longlast Angel with yours..

  5. You must be miss him... Me too :")

  6. Hope you learn something from the discussion with your friends