Monday, 5 September 2016

My Greetings For You!

Hello, my blog readers! I am Angela Nirmala Nariswari a.ka. Queen Laugh a Lot. I am a singer and not so good writer. I am a stone head, I have my own thought, I do not like if other people bother me. That is why my not so good friends leave me because they think I always do what I want and never think about what they feel. Poor me. No, I am grateful because God show me who my real friends are.
Ok, that is enough.
I do not know since when I started writing. All I know is I like writing when I feel sad or lonely. When I sad or lonely I feel like all of the words above the world flying in my mind and it is easier for me to write. I do not find any difficulties in writing because my writing literally is my own experience, so I do not have to make any character or the story again.
I hope with this writing class I can improve my ability especially my vocabs. I also hope that with this writing class, all of the students can help and support each other.



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