Friday, 23 September 2016


Weblog/Blog is an online tools to post our creation. It is a very easy and simple tools to use. Weblogs have been exist since the very beginning of the world wide web itself (Winer, 2002). First appearance in July 1999.
“The Tutor Blog”:
-Gives daily reading practice.
-Promotes exploration of English websites.
-Encourages to give comments.
-Provides class or syllabus information.
-Serves as a resource of links for self-study.
“The Learner Blog” is managed by the individual learners or by some groups.
Reading assignment can help the students to use net surfing in English. For the individuals, blog can be used for posting their personal expression by writing.
“The Class Blog” used by the entire class students.
-Bulletin board can be used to post messages, images, and links related to the discussion, their thoughts also can be posted here.
-Class blog can be used for developing research and writing skills.
-Learners from different countries can join the blog and post their rights. They also can give comments.
-Userland’s Manila allows for a great deal of threaded discussion behind the scenes.
Each weblog has its different features. Better we choose based on our needs. Support classroom-based ESL by using weblogs/blog.

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