Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Surakarta or well known as Solo is a nice and lovable city. Solo is a place where the culture of Javanese exists. It is related to Keraton Kasunan. Moreover, the food, the night life, even the people make Solo a nice city. You can find many kind of food in Galabo (Gladak Langen Boga). Galabo only opens at the night. The activity of the night is a kind of activity where the people gather and chill out. People in Solo like to spend their night together. Finally, people all around this city like to spread their love by being friendly. They greet each other every morning.

The picture is taken from: www.google.com


  1. Hi Angel, your paragraph is really good. I also like read your paragraph.
    However, I do not understand with your last sentence. I hope you can tell me more about your last sentence.
    Overall, your paragraph is good, Angel. :)

    1. Thank you, Anne!
      What I mean about "My love has been growing in this city." is because I was born in this city and I found my lovely people in there too.

  2. Angel, please ensure whether your topic sentence is related to your supporting sentences.