Sunday, 4 December 2016

KREASSO; the Right Field for Growing the Culture

Keroncong music is known as an old music. Many people do not listen to it anymore. They say that it is kind of boring music. When we listen to that music, we often feel sleepy. However, for me, keroncong is not as boring as many people have told. Keroncong is fun. As a singer of the keroncong music group in Solo, I can’t say that keroncong is boring because it is really not. Keroncong is something that can be described by a word "beautiful". Some parents said that they are proud of children nowadays who still stand up for traditional arts like keroncong music.
Keroncong music is a common arts tradition in Indonesia, especially in Solo. Solo has many events which can be used for developing the culture itself. Kreasso and Kampoeng Santa are annual events that are popular in Solo. Kreasso is an event that consists of Performing Art, Expo, Student Competition and Workshop. Kreasso is one of biggest events in Solo that provides a place where students can express their talent of arts. Kreasso is a right place to show the students’ talent and up hold the culture value.
Many students from different schools in Solo have participated in the Expo which is held in Solo Grand mall. The Expo is a part of Kreasso events. For the students, Expo is the very first step for them to try to show their potentials to many people.
The manager of one of keroncong music group in Solo, Lombok Jemprit, Drs. Verecondus Dony Wiratmo, said that he is very happy and proud seeing his students grow in the right field that has given them many lessons about traditional music.
"It is hard to find people in their young age to conserve traditional and old culture like keroncong music. Kreasso is big events that provide everything that the students need to make the audience enjoy Indonesian traditional culture. I am a proud manager, teacher, and dad,” he said.
“I like music, music is the other half of me. How proud I am to have a chance to perform in Kreasso. Kreasso is the best!” said Richo Kusuma Putra, a member of Lombok Jemprit Keroncong group.

            Kreasso is a home for traditional culture to keep the traditional music, such as keroncong, in the middle of this modern life. Kreasso has a great big impact for many people in Solo, especially the young generation on preserving Indonesia's culture. From Kreasso, the young generation can have awareness and feel proud of what their country has.

Angela Nirmala Nariswari

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